Hello Everyone, my name is Justin and I am the big giant talking head behind anything that calls itself the Gulf of Brass. I understand that I will probably come across as someone who has no idea what they are doing but near as I can tell that's the only way anyone gets anywhere.

Ahh yes. Meet my friend here the gorilla ball. He is a piece of art I made when I was trying to think of a proper cover for the demo we have just recorded. For a while I will post others, however the one we ended up choosing for the cd cover did not get scanned in this way. There was no intention behind that move it was more of an oversight then anything I guess. Any cd shaped paintings you will see here are essentially rejections that didn't make it but are nonetheless worth keeping because it fits what I'm trying to do aesthetically.

In this post and in future ones I will promise to do my best to employ brevity and taste. I see this as a good way to  discuss concepts like art and music and taste. I hope that anyone involved who feels a certain way about anything I say wont hesitate to add their opinion, even if it contradicts me or makes me look like an idiot. I plan on speaking my thoughts so should you.

Brevity. Right.

Happy surfing.