Picture yourself or someone else waking up in the fog on wet grass totally unsure about whether or not that spaceship dream is for real or not. I imagine a scenario where I'm stumbling across a huge pasture not at all sure where I am or where to go. The eeriness and quiet might just be enough to set you off. All there is to do at that point is to wander and keep going. This description to some degree summarizes what I was trying to do with this song, Heavens to Betsy. Written rehearsed and recorded in a day I think it's a bit of an accomplishment and an interesting way of approaching practice, performance and composition.

In What's up news for us we are now going to be providing copies of our demo for $5 at all our shows. As usual the cost of getting a copy is free online.

We have two upcoming shows on the radar. First is the Double Decker Tavern in Brandon Manitoba November 9th 2012. In addition to that we have a show in the bar of our little home town Ile des Chênes.That one will be taking place November 17th. Pictures and videos will be up to see after said events.




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Yes it is I and I am here and back in Manitoba after an okay season out North and a short stay in Alberta I am again ready to  bunker up in the basement and start practicing and *most importantly* getting new material to surface from the steel cage deep inside my creative psyche where a demon wrestles the forces of good using all the evil powers like distraction and addiction and gravity to his advantage temporarily sealing all my musical genius away until I can metaphorically pull the sword out of the stone (my head) and give that guy a talking to. Avast Ye!

expect me to update this a little more frequently then I have in the past.

oh god..