Our Brandon shows are always many things and one of those things is a potential disaster. You just never know how many people are willing to come out and what their reception might be considering our musical choices. Another thing our Brandon shows have tended to be are extremely successful and fun. Nov 9 turned out to be no exception to this rule. Not only did we feel welcome but there was so much surf love out there it was hard to do anything but enjoy ourselves completely.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Double Decker. It would also be appropriate to recommend that any local bands who were curious about making the trip out book a show there.

Our turnout was better then we had ever seen. We calculated that 78 people had paid cover to see us play. All in all at least 110 people saw us play that night. I would say we were very successful and the owners reciprocated. At one point they upped our tab so we could have a couple more drinks on the house. We had some tough competition that night because the North 40 across town had Big Sugar playing to a packed bar no doubt. Just goes to show that it's not always such a losing proposition to be out on the road I guess.

Our further adventures will take us to Ile des chenes this weekend. We are sure this will be a fun show.

Hey all, we're gearing up for our next big show coming up in just a few days. Can't wait for the opportunity. The next few shows we will do will begin to integrate some of our brand new material bit by bit to get us into the next phase of our grand master plan... To record a full length album and sell it, for money!
I'm especially stoked for these shows coming up because we have been quite lucky in Brandon in the past. The Ile Des Chênes show as you might expect is sounding like there might be a decent turn out by all early indications.

Hope to see you on the 9th or the 7th.