This Picture was taken by the very Lovely and talented Amanda Sarson. The girl knows what she's doing!
This year has been an all together smash success for us in many different ways. We've grown exponentially talent wise and work load wise and we will try to continue this pace throughout the next year. Special thanks has to go out to everyone who has actively gone out of their way to support us and who plan to continue with this in the future. We are three times the band we were last year and it's because  of all of you.

Also worth noting are the venues who book us and give us the experience necessary to become something worth listening to.

Big goals for the new year include the recording and release of our album (which is still being figured out), and fostering a sense of community and get togetherness so people can just let loose. That's what it's all about right?

To everyone reading this. I personally wish you the best at any time. May we all find success based on our own goals and maybe even learn a little.

Happy New Year

Here we are!

The month of November has been an excellent chance for growth as we have came across many new and exciting experiences meeting new people and playing more shows. I don't know if this name has been taken or not but we have had suggestions dished out to us saying we should change our name to "Jill and the Lonely Bones". I actually like that name and you don't usually run into too many good band names. I f you find one you're lucky.
A huge shout out goes to Manitoba Crafts council who we had the pleasure of playing for. Another honorable mention goes out to Inn Seine Bar in Lorette and the girls who keep that place from falling over. We look forward with great excitement to playing there again.
We also look forward to the next few gigs we will be embarking on shortly. December 29 with the Psychics at Vietnamese Paradise and February 1st with them and Arlington trio at the Cavern.

There are others coming up sooner then those but the details still have to be ironed out on those shows.