Summer is over and I have found myself back in Manitoba, ready to get back to work. Unfortunately not all members are back here and a few weeks will pass before we can get back to gigging consistently.  This opportunity will not pass us by though and I am taking the time I have now to start planing things out with future tunes and recording dates. There's a whole bag of rep that needs little more then a spit shine to become performance ready and listener-worthy. For what it's worth, I won't subject you to something I don't personally take pride in.. just a little motto of my own.

For those of you who crave a fix of Halloween style instro surf mayhem look into the newest recording of Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! Take my advise, you will be rewarded. Personal Favorite track is #4 Satans' Invisible World... Revealed!

More relevant news and real updates to follow. Thank you for anyone who leaves comments here, all the info and your questions are greatly appreciated. 
Ladies and Gentlemen! I am proud to present our latest release. Our Valentine's Ep that features two very cool tracks.
Gaksck! I ain't selfless yet momma is a title that I think our drummer hates but that's okay. It's my favorite type of tune to write because it happened all at the same time and came out over the course of an afternoon. Usually takes about a week to write something that feels finished. This track is indulgent and boisterous and aggressive. I like that about it and I think that's where the title comes from. I made up the word though. I can't think of anyplace I might have stolen it or what have you.

Cowboy shall surf is just what it says it is. The effortless cowboy trying his hand at something that is out of his element and making it wholly his own. It's a kind of minor pentatonic slow dance that's reminiscent of cowboy vs. indian films.

This recording features our brand new Texotica reverb unit and I'm loving every minute of it. To hear this Ep, simply click the music tab on this site or visit the link at the top.

Hope you enjoy!

This Picture was taken by the very Lovely and talented Amanda Sarson. The girl knows what she's doing!
This year has been an all together smash success for us in many different ways. We've grown exponentially talent wise and work load wise and we will try to continue this pace throughout the next year. Special thanks has to go out to everyone who has actively gone out of their way to support us and who plan to continue with this in the future. We are three times the band we were last year and it's because  of all of you.

Also worth noting are the venues who book us and give us the experience necessary to become something worth listening to.

Big goals for the new year include the recording and release of our album (which is still being figured out), and fostering a sense of community and get togetherness so people can just let loose. That's what it's all about right?

To everyone reading this. I personally wish you the best at any time. May we all find success based on our own goals and maybe even learn a little.

Happy New Year

Here we are!

The month of November has been an excellent chance for growth as we have came across many new and exciting experiences meeting new people and playing more shows. I don't know if this name has been taken or not but we have had suggestions dished out to us saying we should change our name to "Jill and the Lonely Bones". I actually like that name and you don't usually run into too many good band names. I f you find one you're lucky.
A huge shout out goes to Manitoba Crafts council who we had the pleasure of playing for. Another honorable mention goes out to Inn Seine Bar in Lorette and the girls who keep that place from falling over. We look forward with great excitement to playing there again.
We also look forward to the next few gigs we will be embarking on shortly. December 29 with the Psychics at Vietnamese Paradise and February 1st with them and Arlington trio at the Cavern.

There are others coming up sooner then those but the details still have to be ironed out on those shows.
Our Brandon shows are always many things and one of those things is a potential disaster. You just never know how many people are willing to come out and what their reception might be considering our musical choices. Another thing our Brandon shows have tended to be are extremely successful and fun. Nov 9 turned out to be no exception to this rule. Not only did we feel welcome but there was so much surf love out there it was hard to do anything but enjoy ourselves completely.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Double Decker. It would also be appropriate to recommend that any local bands who were curious about making the trip out book a show there.

Our turnout was better then we had ever seen. We calculated that 78 people had paid cover to see us play. All in all at least 110 people saw us play that night. I would say we were very successful and the owners reciprocated. At one point they upped our tab so we could have a couple more drinks on the house. We had some tough competition that night because the North 40 across town had Big Sugar playing to a packed bar no doubt. Just goes to show that it's not always such a losing proposition to be out on the road I guess.

Our further adventures will take us to Ile des chenes this weekend. We are sure this will be a fun show.

Hey all, we're gearing up for our next big show coming up in just a few days. Can't wait for the opportunity. The next few shows we will do will begin to integrate some of our brand new material bit by bit to get us into the next phase of our grand master plan... To record a full length album and sell it, for money!
I'm especially stoked for these shows coming up because we have been quite lucky in Brandon in the past. The Ile Des Chênes show as you might expect is sounding like there might be a decent turn out by all early indications.

Hope to see you on the 9th or the 7th.


Picture yourself or someone else waking up in the fog on wet grass totally unsure about whether or not that spaceship dream is for real or not. I imagine a scenario where I'm stumbling across a huge pasture not at all sure where I am or where to go. The eeriness and quiet might just be enough to set you off. All there is to do at that point is to wander and keep going. This description to some degree summarizes what I was trying to do with this song, Heavens to Betsy. Written rehearsed and recorded in a day I think it's a bit of an accomplishment and an interesting way of approaching practice, performance and composition.

In What's up news for us we are now going to be providing copies of our demo for $5 at all our shows. As usual the cost of getting a copy is free online.

We have two upcoming shows on the radar. First is the Double Decker Tavern in Brandon Manitoba November 9th 2012. In addition to that we have a show in the bar of our little home town Ile des Chênes.That one will be taking place November 17th. Pictures and videos will be up to see after said events.




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Yes it is I and I am here and back in Manitoba after an okay season out North and a short stay in Alberta I am again ready to  bunker up in the basement and start practicing and *most importantly* getting new material to surface from the steel cage deep inside my creative psyche where a demon wrestles the forces of good using all the evil powers like distraction and addiction and gravity to his advantage temporarily sealing all my musical genius away until I can metaphorically pull the sword out of the stone (my head) and give that guy a talking to. Avast Ye!

expect me to update this a little more frequently then I have in the past.

oh god..
Have you heard the Surfettes yet? They are a solid sounding surf rock band with old sounding harmonies and chorus. This cd cover is a botched one that didn't turn out to be what I thought it was so I changed it and named it after their track "Give him a great big kiss"

I must apologize for dropping off the face of the earth for a couple weeks there. A few things have been going on with me which is something I can't often say is the case. For starters I have moved up to Northern Ontario in a small town called Pickle Lake. It's where pavement basically ends and the internet never sped up since '95. Were talking bear and moose country out here. For the duration of the summer I will be fighting forest fires whenever they pop up and practicing and writing and developing this website. I thought I would be able to pick up some knowledge about css codes and html codes before I got up here and make a nifty little website I could leave you with but alas. Things are not that simple I'm afraid. If you are a fan and following this blog you will notice that over time it will change and get better (hopefully). I will update you about fire and music because that's where I am right now.

On the music AND fire side of things, there was one bar up here I figured I would be able to play a couple weekends and get some good practice with loop stations in. It was called the Winston and I say was because it burnt down a couple nights ago and my dreams of fame and stardom in Pickle Lake, Ontario were crushed in one fell swoop by the sounds of exploding propane canisters and seriously aged wood catching fire like it was just meant to be.

Oh Well...

Check out the Surfettes:

Hello Everyone, my name is Justin and I am the big giant talking head behind anything that calls itself the Gulf of Brass. I understand that I will probably come across as someone who has no idea what they are doing but near as I can tell that's the only way anyone gets anywhere.

Ahh yes. Meet my friend here the gorilla ball. He is a piece of art I made when I was trying to think of a proper cover for the demo we have just recorded. For a while I will post others, however the one we ended up choosing for the cd cover did not get scanned in this way. There was no intention behind that move it was more of an oversight then anything I guess. Any cd shaped paintings you will see here are essentially rejections that didn't make it but are nonetheless worth keeping because it fits what I'm trying to do aesthetically.

In this post and in future ones I will promise to do my best to employ brevity and taste. I see this as a good way to  discuss concepts like art and music and taste. I hope that anyone involved who feels a certain way about anything I say wont hesitate to add their opinion, even if it contradicts me or makes me look like an idiot. I plan on speaking my thoughts so should you.

Brevity. Right.

Happy surfing.