Ladies and Gentlemen! I am proud to present our latest release. Our Valentine's Ep that features two very cool tracks.
Gaksck! I ain't selfless yet momma is a title that I think our drummer hates but that's okay. It's my favorite type of tune to write because it happened all at the same time and came out over the course of an afternoon. Usually takes about a week to write something that feels finished. This track is indulgent and boisterous and aggressive. I like that about it and I think that's where the title comes from. I made up the word though. I can't think of anyplace I might have stolen it or what have you.

Cowboy shall surf is just what it says it is. The effortless cowboy trying his hand at something that is out of his element and making it wholly his own. It's a kind of minor pentatonic slow dance that's reminiscent of cowboy vs. indian films.

This recording features our brand new Texotica reverb unit and I'm loving every minute of it. To hear this Ep, simply click the music tab on this site or visit the link at the top.

Hope you enjoy!


10/13/2013 6:02pm

Talent is what you possess; genius is what possesses you.


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